Cage & Focx

We are pleased to announced that we have inked a world-wide record deal with HighVolMusic for the release of our debut Shotguns & Cadillacs! 

Gibson Cage on signing with HighVolMusic – “Not only does this come at the perfect time in my life, it comes with the honor of it being signed to HighVolMusic. Anthony and I have giant shoes to fill with their stable of musicians and with HighVolMusic, we have hit a personal milestone of being able to give our fans the best we have in us! .”

“We’re so glad, blessed and fortunate to have our music released worldwide for everyone to hear!” – Anthony Focx

“What a great way to start the year! We are once again expanding what we do at HighVolMusic. I am pretty stoked about adding Cage & Focx to the label. It takes us down another music avenue. Gibson and Anthony extremely talented and I humbled that they chose HVM. What do you get when you mix a little rock and a little country? Cage & Focx.” – Bill Chavis

Shotguns & Cadillacs is scheduled for a June release, details to follow in the coming months.