Cage & Focx


A modern day country hard rock act best describes the artists known as band CAGE & FOCX. Formed by the mega talented members,Gibson Cage and Anthony Focx, CAGE & FOCX took the Nashville scene by storm delivering a brand new sound of country rock. Nashville native Gibson Cage, lead singer- songwriter, has developed a unique blend of Southern Rock, Outlaw Country music that has earned him a warm reception in Nashville. He has enjoyed appearances on the hit ABC TV series ‘Nashville’ and awarded the ‘2013 Top Male Vocalist’ and ‘2014 Entertainer of the Year’ by Nashville Universe. Guitarist and studio extraordinaire Anthony Focx hails from Los Angeles, CA and has worked with many platinum artists throughout his career as a guitarist and/or audio engineer. Anthony is also the guitarist for the hard rock band Beautiful Creatures (Warner Bros). Anthony is no stranger to the live stage as the band Beautiful Creatures performed on traveling tours such as The Rolling Rock Tour, Ozzfest, and has also opened for KISS and Marilyn Manson.

Anthony’s studio credits includes mastering work on the following record label projects; Conway Twitty, Patsy Cline, Waylon Jennings, Canned Heat, DaughtryAerosmith, Metallica, The Dead Daisies and many more. Anthony has appeared in big screen movies and also had Beautiful Creatures songs featured in the television series ‘Smallville’ and ‘Sons of Anarchy’ as well as the movies ‘Rollerball’ and ‘Valentine’.

CAGE & FOCX are  unique artists who have joined forces to create a new sound. Gibson states, “I enjoy blending all of our styles and visions. Anthony helps to hit the line between New Country, Southern and Mainstream Rock. Our writing and recording together has been a serendipitous experience. We’re combining our influences to help make a new sound. Bass guitarist David Locke and drummer Jim Phipps (Every Mother’s Nightmare) help to round out the lineup.

CAGE & FOCX will be releasing their debut album ‘Shotguns & Cadillacs’ in June 2018 on HighVolMusic. A new video for ‘Tonky Honk Bounce’ is already circulating.